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Sunglasses are not only for summer but for winter too. Snow can reflect UV rays into your eyes and cause photokeratitis, which manifests as aversion to bright light, eyelid twitching, and constant pain. Wearing sunglasses can also help prevent eye irritations caused by the cold season’s harsh drafts and dry air.


The fair weather provides an excellent opportunity for spending time with your family outdoors. We suggest wearing sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats for your protection. We also recommend having your children undergo a comprehensive eye exam in Austin, TX, before school starts again.


With the sun at its peak, we advise investing in sunglasses that provide 100% UV blockage to protect your eyes from damage. At Envision Eye Center, we carry signature brands that offer optimum eye protection without compromising style. You also have the choice to customize your frame according to your preference. Our expert optometrists can help you find a pair that enhances your facial features. Additionally, this is the perfect time to enjoy vitamin-rich colorful fruits and vegetables that help maintain your eyesight.


We recommend wearing protective eyewear to prevent eye injuries when raking, cleaning gutters, or performing other fall chores. We may also prescribe artificial tear drops to keep your eyes lubricated, as part of your dry eye treatment in Austin, TX.

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