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Soft contacts not working for you? Astigmatism causing a case of the blurs? Hate your progressive glasses and wish you had a contact lens to allow you to see near, close and far? Have keratoconus or an irregular cornea but don’t like the comfort of hard contact lenses?

We have more options for you!

Envision Eye Center has partnered with SynergEyes to provide premium contact lens solutions for patients who desire a more personalized contact lens solution including contacts for high astigmatism, multifocal lenses for presbyopia, vision enhancing lenses for keratoconus and scleral contact lenses for irregular corneas.

We use a corneal topographer to take a map of your cornea to design a lens custom made for you resulting in enhanced clarity and comfort. An added bonus – SynergEyes representatives are able to come in for fittings if needed to ensure a speedy lens fitting process!

SynergEyes Duette Hybrid Family of Lenses

Duette HD lenses are ideal for patients with astigmatism – they have a rigid contact lens in the center and a soft lens skirt. This allows the crisp vision of a hard lens with the comfort of a soft lens.

Duette UltraHealth is the most advanced technology hybrid contact lens for keratoconus providing the comfort of a soft lens with the visual sharpness of a rigid hard contact lens.

Duette Progressives are ideal for patients over 40 needing a multifocal contact lens. Transform your vision with Duette Progressive! See up close… Far away… and In-Between!

The SynergEyes Duette Hybrid Lens design allows for crisp vision due to the central rigid lens zone but with all day comfort due to the soft contact lens skirt.

SynergEyes VS Scleral Lens

Scleral contact lenses are prescribed by eye care professionals for a variety of irregular cornea conditions including advanced keratoconus. They are designed to vault or rise over the irregular cornea condition and land on the white part of the eye (called the sclera). They are slightly larger (16.0 mm) than hybrid contact lenses (14.5mm) and while hybrid lenses have both rigid and soft materials, the entire scleral lens is made from a gas permeable material but is extremely comfortable due to it’s vault over the cornea.

The SynergEyes VS lens is an innovative scleral lens designed to accommodate a wide variety of corneal conditions. The lens was designed using the latest research on the shape of the eye.

Call us at 512-271-6677 or schedule an appointment online today to discuss how these specialty contact lenses can enhance your quality of life by clearing up your vision.

Myopia Control

Does your child’s prescription go up every visit or even earlier? Are you pretty nearsighted and see your child inheriting the same genes? Envision Eye Center’s Specialty Lens Clinic can help reduce the rate of your child’s myopic progression.

We utilize distance centered multifocal lenses with custom pupillary zones to control myopia, which results in an average 48% reduction in myopic progression. That’s a big deal! This means your child will have a much lower chance of having pathological myopia which can cause a higher chance of blinding conditions such as retinal detachments and glaucoma.

There are options so make an appointment today to discuss the best route for your child’s myopia control! Early intervention is key for the best results.