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Envision Eye Center’s Specialty Myopia Control Clinic

Does your child’s prescription go up every visit or even earlier? Are you pretty nearsighted and see your child inheriting the same genes?

We offer the latest research-based treatment approaches that can help reduce the rate of your child’s myopic progression. These specialized treatment options work to slow the eye growth to potentially slow your child’s nearsightedness. Early intervention is key for the best results!


Myopia Treatments

Our treatment options will be personalized based on your child’s needs and lifestyle to determine the best myopia management plan for them.

Corneal Reshaping or Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Contact Lenses


Multizone Soft Contact Lenses

We offer MiSight®, which is FDA approved to control myopia. We also offer other multizone soft contact lenses with similar designs if your child is not a good candidate for Misight®


Low dose Atropine eye drops

Low concentration of atropine has been shown to slow the progression of myopia without increasing pupil size or decreasing near vision dramatically.

There are options so schedule a myopia control consultation with Dr Julie Phan today to discuss the best route for your child’s myopia control!