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Dry Eye Management

We know you are tired of Artificial Tears! Don’t worry – there are other more effective options for treating dry eye. At Envision Eye Center, we utilize the latest technology for our dry eye examinations and testing. The Oculus Keratograph 5M allows us to get a much more comprehensive view then we could get from the standard way of looking at the eye with a microscope. This allows us to better identify the root cause of the dry eye and treat it much more efficiently and effectively.

The Keratograph 5M measures five different data points (tear volume, tear break up time, eye redness, a dry eye questionnaire and Meibomian gland imaging) to more accurately classify the type of dry eye and severity level so we can address it more effectively.

Did you know Meibomian gland atrophy is one of the leading cause of dropping out of contact lenses? Especially for computer users. At our office, we image the Meibomian glands to check for atrophy so we can intervene sooner rather than later.

Imaging of normal Meibomian gland structures


Imaging of severe Meibomian gland atrophy:


With these tools at our office, we can treat dry eye more effectively so you can get relief more quickly!


Read more about Dry Eye Disease below:

Dry Eye Disease (DED), also known as ocular surface disease (OSD) is a chronic condition that affections millions of Americans. Dry eyes are affecting adults and even children earlier than ever due to the emergence of hand held digital devices and jobs that require hours of computer use.

Staring at computers and hand-held devices significantly decreases your blink rate, thus repeatedly drying out the eyes. Over time, this causes inflammation to the ocular surfacewhich results in uncomfortable dry eye symptoms.

In addition to the use of digital devices, certain medications such as allergy and hypertension medicines as well as a history of LASIK, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes can all lead to or exacerbate dry eye.

Of all eye diseases, dry eye disease is the most common, and one that can be challenging to properly diagnose and treat. At Envision Eye Center, we check for the underlying cause of your dry eye symptoms and treat each patient with an individualized approach.

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