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Contact Lenses in the Austin, TX Area

The optometrists at Envision Eye Center fully believe that when worn correctly, contact lenses can provide tremendous advantages. For instance, increased self-esteem, enhanced athletic performance, and heightened vision are all possible with contact lenses compared to glasses. Our goal at Envision Eye Center is to ensure that all of our patients are informed about the recent innovations in lens technology and care systems so that nearly anyone can wear contacts comfortably and successfully. Contact lenses in Austin, TX from different optometrists and companies can vary significantly, and we work hard to find a contact lens that will be optimal for you.

Contact Lens Options

If you already wear contacts or are contemplating switching from eyeglasses to them, our outstanding contact lens service from an eye doctor in Meridian, Texas, and surrounding areas exceeds the others in all types of fitting contact lenses for all kinds of eyes, ranging from manageable nearsighted eyes to those with poor vision and significant scarring. Getting started correctly with your contact lenses is essential and requires visiting an optometrist providing comprehensive care. This involves a thorough eye exam, an evaluation of your compatibility for wearing contacts, selecting lenses and lens care kits, and follow-up visits to ensure correct fit. A few of the specialty contact lenses we offer include:

  • High oxygen contact lenses
  • Bifocal contact lenses
  • Toric contact lenses
  • SynergEyes Lenses
  • Duette (Hybrid) Lenses

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To determine if you are an ideal candidate for contact lenses, visit an eye doctor in Austin, TX, neighboring cities, trust the experts at Envision Eye Center. Use our convenient online request form, or give us a call today at (512) 271-6677 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.