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Remove at Night


Although some contacts are specially designed to be worn at night, most Austin, TX, optometrists still recommend limiting overnight wear as much as possible. The eyes need oxygen to stay moist and balanced; overuse of contacts deprives of them of the critical nutrients they need. Give your eyes a break at night by wearing glasses instead.


Clean as Directed


It is extremely important to clean and soak contacts as directed. This keeps contacts pure and prevents any buildup of dirt and bacteria from reaching your cornea. If adding drops to contact, take care to avoid touching the dispenser to the lenses, which can transfer germs.


Avoid Touching With Dirty Hands


Although you may need to touch your contacts to adjust them every once in a while, your eye doctor will thank you for washing your hands first. Adjusting a contact lens with an unwashed hand is a surefire way to transfer bacteria to the eyes. Always rinse your hands with soap and water before touching contacts. If possible, avoid touching contacts at all until it is time to remove them at night.


Replace as Scheduled


Lastly, one of the best things you can do to care for contacts is to swap out as scheduled. Some contacts have daily limits, while others can go a week or a month before needing to be replaced. Although it can be tempting to stretch the limits, this can lead to dryness, redness, and infections of the eye.


For more information on how to care for contacts, talk to your eye doctor in Austin, TX.